Frequently Asked Questions

What is DTC?

DTC was created to address the question of why corporate travel is so far behind other industries in connecting directly and digitally to their suppliers without the need for a third party. We are a consulting company that helps companies and suppliers digitize their programs to open all roads to digital connections. 

Why is digitizing necessary?

We are in a digital age where we can pass data directly through feeds to the suppliers, and there is no reason to pay additional fees for some of those transactions. Processes were put into place that makes it challenging to go direct, and by optimizing and digitizing those processes, we can help companies build the bridge to connect to those suppliers and their data directly. 

Why do I need to connect directly to my suppliers?

In the areas of booking simple roundtrip tickets, data management, and payment, we think this is an excellent opportunity to improve the traveler experience and lower the cost of service and spend. 

Does DTC just help buyers/corporations?

Suppliers would benefit significantly from this connection by avoiding unnecessary distribution fees and have direct access to improve the traveler experience.

How much can I potentially save by going direct?

Moving 50% or more of those simple bookings to a direct connection, both the buyers and suppliers can save significantly on their cost to manage their programs. 

How do Travel Managers keep control of their programs?

Travel Managers will increase the monitoring of their programs by optimizing their processes and capturing all travel booked. Suppliers will be able to service the buyer programs and allow for changes where needed at the transaction level. Travel Managers gain additional control ofalltheir transactions, not just the bookings made through the standard channels.

How can I make these changes?

Corp Travel is loaded with complex processes that require a third party to intervene. If those layers are removed and the processes simplified, a digital connect is easily achieved. 

How do I receive my data?

Data is the center of any good program. If a Travel Manager has access to information as the transaction is made, then they can make changes as needed. Travel Managers want to be able to work with their suppliers to maintain their KPIs, their discounts, and their service. This is all managed with “real-time” data. Once the data pipes are cleared the opportunity to pass clean data becomes available. Digital data allows for direct feeds to corporate BI systems. You will easily be able to access insights, exceptions, savings and drive continuous improvement directly through your BI reporting tools.

Will this change the traveler experience?

Travelers will be thrilled with this change as the experience is much improved. Your CFO will be happy with the additional savings. Travelers want to be able to book everything digitally, and they want to connect directly with their suppliers where possible. They want to be able to manage any changes on the road through their direct supplier apps.  You remove the question of “why can’t I book directly with the supplier?  By opening the pipes, you can open innovation, proactive experiences, and improved savings. You also unlock a stronger relationship with your suppliers.

Better Together!

What about tracking travelers for safety and security reasons?

We know this is one of the most critical areas of all companies. Today corporations can work with companies like ISOS who all have programs in place that allow travelers to email their itineraries to them, and they are tracked within their program. Travelers who book out of policy or change their tickets outside the program on the road are not monitored. With the digitization of the program, you will be able to track those travelers as well. Most companies have security teams that manage the employee’s safety, and travel teams feed them information. With a digital framework that information can be supplied to the security team directly without the need to have someone send it to them.  No traveler would be missed. A stronger alliance is created. 

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How does this work with the larger Procurement Teams?

The focus should be to align with the other procurement and purchasing strategies in your company that includes; digital experiences, and now, digital payments and smart contracts. Travel will soon be able to join them.

What about my Travel Policy?

90+% of corp travelers follow the policy and are good corporate citizens. Many companies have approval processes in place, but when you look at the data in most cases, you will see that travelers are over 90% compliant. A more natural way to manage this is by the transaction and experience.  Anyone out of policy can be captured a time of payment pre-trip, and the program can address it proactively if needed. 

My HR leaders want to improve the experience for travelers. Will this help?

The Millennium and Z generations, in the workplace, want to have the same experience they have at home. They want it mobile, fast, easy, and direct. Creating a direct path will enable your travelers to have one more option and address their needs. Today travelers go to the supplier website after they book inside the corporate booking tools. By directly connection you remove that layer, and travelers can have a one-stop experience. Travelers feel empowered to build out their own experience -  Empowered Travelers = Happy Travelers.

What about company discounts?

You can now work with suppliers to enable corporate discounts to be applied at the time of booking.  The travelers will be identified as part of your corporation, and the discount will be used. You, travelers, will also have access to the many lower priced options that you wish to be available, which may be lower than your discounts, opening up the possibilities to share in their massive inventories and lower your spend by 10-25%.

How else is the experience improved?

Giving travelers the ability to choose the best method to book their travel always drives the best experience. You enable three paths to book, direct for the simple roundtrips, booking tools where needed, and agents for the more complicated bookings.  That question of “why can I not book directly with the supplier” is answered. Having options, empowering your travelers, and enable choices to lower pricing is a successful recipe for a best-in-class travel program.

What about the expense side of the business?

Today companies can eliminate many of their current expense processes and work directly with the payment companies. Digital options and auditing are completed as the transaction takes place. Proactive vs. Reactive. Travelers no longer must fill out the long, complex expense reports and companies save money due to eliminating the unnecessary third-party processes. Your company will be fully prepared for digital payment programs. 

How can I save more money?

By opening the digital channels, you can work with your suppliers to change your contracts to reflect the savings they are experiencing as well. You can allow the supplier to compete for your business and show how valuable you are to them daily instead of at the time of renewal. Your travelers can take advantage of the massive inventory available through the direct supplier chain. You will save 10-25% above your current savings.  DTC would like to work with both the corporation and the supplier to create those smarter contracts. 

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What else does DTC do?

Given our high level of expertise, DTC would like to partner to assist with the traditional parts of your program and uplift them to enhance the relationships, experience, and pricing. We will create innovative, continuous improvement travel programs for both the buyers and suppliers. Please visit our website for further details under Traditional Services. 

What suppliers are best at this?

Many suppliers can enable direct connection today. This is now the essential goal of Travel Suppliers. Why use one supplier to manage it all when you can use the best supplier at the best time for the best experience and achieve the highest savings opportunities. DTC will work with you to determine the best suppliers for your strategy and goals. Let the best supplier handle the right part of the experience. 

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How do we get started?

DTC wants to be your partner that enables you to see the best opportunities to streamline. We will begin with our Digital Travel Readiness Assessment (DTRA) to determine your opportunities and partner with you to build your roadmap to success. DTC will also work with you to “clean out your pipes” through process optimization so you can take advantage of all the digital options available to you. Are you ready to start saving money and improving your traveler experience?  

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